Product information "AM5 Heatspreader"

The AM5 High Performance Heatspreader is an upgrade heatspreader for AMD's Ryzen 7000 processors. The nickel-plated copper heatspreader features a 240 percent larger diamond-milled precision surface. This increased surface area over the original heatspreader allows for maximum heat dissipation with air and water coolers, while precision milling ensures extremely low surface roughness for best contact with the heat sink.

  • Replaces SAM and heatspreader
  • 240% larger surface area (22 cm²)
  • Made of nickel-plated copper
  • Precision diamond milled surface
  • Compatible with air and water coolers
  • Only for delidded CPUs!

The nickel-plated surface of the AM5 High Performance Heatspreader is compatible with traditional thermal pastes and gallium-based liquid metals. The nickel forms a barrier layer between the liquid metal and the copper cooler, so liquid metal does not diffuse into the copper and alloying is minimized. As a result, multiple applications of liquid metal are generally not necessary. For the most maintenance-free system possible, a KryoSheet graphene thermal pad can be used as the thermal interface between the CPU and the AM5 High Performance Heatspreader. Since KryoSheet pads are electrically conductive, a cover is included to protect the electronic components on the CPU package.

Color: Silver
Material: Nickel-plated copper
Socket producer: AMD
Socket type: AM5