Product information "Minus Pad Extreme - 120 x 20 mm - 0.5 mm"

The minus pad extreme thermal pad is silicone based with modelling clay like consistency. This allows a perfect surface shaping with maximum possible compression. The minus pad extreme is electrically insulating.

Due to the consistency only one-time use is recommended. The thermal conductivity was improved by about 260 % over the minus pad 8 which allows best cooling for tough cooling operations such as voltage regulators and memory ICs.

  • Most excellent thermal conductivity
  • No bleeding
  • long-term stability
  • high compression rate

The minus pad extreme is available in size 120 x 20 mm and 100 x 100 mm with thicknesses of 0,5mm, 1mm, 1,5mm, 2mm, 3mm.

Downloads "Minus Pad Extreme"
Color: blue, pink
Degree of hardness: Shore 00-65
Density: 3.38g/cm³
Electrically insulating: Yes(8KV/mm ASTM D149)
Flammability: V-0
Operating temperature: -100°C to +200°C