Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers.

My thermal paste is difficult to spread or comes off the surface again. What can I do?

The surface should be thoroughly cleaned and free of grease before use. We recommend TG Remove or a similar cleaner such as acetone for cleaning. When applying, the thermal compound should be at least at room temperature. In winter, it can help to warm the thermal paste on a radiator or preheat the syringe slightly with a hairdryer. When applying the thermal paste, it is important to spread it very slowly. Avoid fast wiping movements at all costs. For a typical Intel or AMD CPU, a single wiping motion should take about 3 seconds. The slower the movement, the better the paste can be spread.

Should I store the thermal paste in its original packaging after use?

Thermal Grizzly thermal paste packaging is specially coated on the inside to protect the syringe and contents from UV radiation and other environmental influences. For maximum shelf life, we recommend storage in the original packaging with the cap on the syringe.

How do I protect the thermal pads from drying out?

Our minus pads are also supplied in a special zip bag to protect them from drying out and soiling. The zip bag is resealable to enable reusability after longer periods of storage.

What is the shelf life of Thermal Grizzly thermal paste after opening?

If stored and packaged correctly, the thermal paste can be used for at least 3 years without any problems, and in many cases for considerably longer.

What is the applicator, which is included with the thermal pastes, used for?

The applicator enables the user to dose the thermal paste precisely and apply it evenly. The applicator is screwed onto the syringe and makes applying the thermal paste a simple task.

What happens if I lose the applicator?

All Thermal Grizzly thermal pastes containing 1.5ml or more include a second applicator as a replacement.

I don't have a spatula to apply the thermal paste. Which alternative can I use to apply the paste?

For best results, we recommend spreading the paste over the entire chip surface. If this is not possible, an X with thermal paste can be applied to the chip as an alternative. The contact pressure will also distribute the paste sufficiently. Be careful not to apply too much thermal paste.

For how many applications is 1.5ml or 3ml of thermal paste enough?

For a CPU with an average surface area of 27mm X 27mm, a 3ml filling is sufficient for approx. 30 applications. A 1.5ml filling is sufficient for approx. 15 applications. A drop of approx. 3mm in diameter should be sufficient to cover the entire surface. This information is for guidance only and also depends on the individual application and skill of the user.

What is special about the thermal pads?

Our thermal pads are super soft, extremely flexible and are particularly suitable for applications and heat transfer media where the use of a thermal paste becomes too unwieldy, e.g. on memory chips etc.

Is Thermal Grizzly thermal paste electrically conductive?

"Conventional" Thermal Grizzly thermal paste is not electrically conductive. This includes the products Aeronaut, Hydronaut, Kryonaut and Kryonaut Extreme. Only the liquid metal product Conductonaut is electrically conductive.

What is conventional thermal paste?

We refer to our products Kryonaut, Kryonaut Extreme, Hydronaut and Aeronaut as conventional thermal pastes. These products consist of a carrier material (matrix material) such as silicone oil and integrated nanoparticles for heat conduction. These nanoparticles usually consist of electrically non-conductive oxides such as aluminum oxide.

Why does Thermal Grizzly state the quantity in milliliters and not primarily in grams?

We primarily use milliliter figures, as the application is measured by volume and not by weight.

Why is there no indication of the thermal conductivity value on the packaging?

The mostly theoretically determined thermal conductivity values vary greatly depending on the application, as important factors such as contact pressure, temperature or surface cannot be taken into account uniformly. Since the 4th quarter of 2020, all our cooling products have therefore no longer given specific values for thermal conductivity. We continue to rely on the test results of independent tests and reviews so that our customers can get a more realistic impression of the performance of our products in practice under comparable circumstances.

Does Thermal Grizzly also support overclocking teams, e.g. like HW Bot?

Of course, Thermal Grizzly would like to support overclocking teams - simply fill out the contact form on our website with your request. We can then get in touch with you individually.

Warning notice: "Do not bring into contact with aluminum" - what does this notice mean?

This warning refers to Conductonaut liquid metal thermal paste only. If this warning label appears in a Kryonaut, Hydronaut or Aeronaut package, this warning label can be ignored. This packaging error has already been corrected, we ask for your understanding and apologize for this irritation.