Product information "CPU Contact Frame - Intel 13/14th Gen"

With the Intel 13th/14th Gen CPU Contact Frame by der8auer we have updated the well-known mounting aid for Intel mainboards with socket LGA1700. Compared to its predecessor, the assembly of the frame has been significantly simplified by utilising a revised inner contour. For example, there is no longer any need to use a specific torque during Assembly.

The Contact Frame was designed in collaboration with Roman "der8auer" Hartung and is manufactured in Berlin - 100% Made in Germany. Roman Hartung is a mechatronic engineer, hardware enthusiast and content creator in the field of PC hardware. At the same time, he is a well-known overclocker who has designed numerous products for overclocking PC hardware.

  • Lower CPU temperatures
  • Easy to assemble
  • High compatibility
  • Anodised aluminium

The standard Integrated Loading Mechanism (ILM) has contact points located in the centre of the elongated CPU. Due to the resulting uneven contact pressure of the processor into the socket, the surface of the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) curves concavely. As a result, the base plate of the CPU cooler rests primarily on the edges of the IHS, so that the thermal "hotspot" in the middle of the CPU is not optimally covered.

The Intel 13th/14th Gen CPU Contact Frame has a special inner contour to shift the contact pressure from the centre of the CPU to the edges during assembly. This avoids the concave curvature of the IHS. This results in CPU coolers resting better on the processor and a larger contact surface to dissipate the CPU's waste heat.

The installation of the Contact Frame is very simple and takes only a few steps. Depending on the CPU cooler and the CPU used, the temperatures of the processor can be noticeably reduced.

The 13th/14th Gen CPU Contact Frame is compatible with 12th, 13th and 14th generation processors for socket LGA1700. In addition, the frame is compatible with CPUs whose Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) has been ground down by no more than 0.2 millimetres. When mounting, make sure that there are no electronic components under the frame. This is especially important for mainboards with the Mini-ITX form factor.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x 13th/14th Gen CPU Contact Frame by der8auer
  • 4x pan-head screws UNC thread 3/8"
  • 1x hexagon socket wrench 5/64"
  • 1x angle wrench Torx T20
Color: black
Material: Aluminum
Socket manufacturer: Intel
Socket type: 1700