It is difficult to spread the thermal paste and/or it comes off the surface while spreading. What can I do?
Prior to application make sure that the surface is clean and there are no residues of any kind. We recommend to clean the surface with TG Remove or any similar cleaner which ideally contains acetone. Make sure your thermal paste has at least room temperature before applying. In winter or in cold conditions we recommend to put the syring on your radiator (heater) or use a hair dryer to heat up the syringe. The application has to be performed slowly and with some pressure from the top. Avoid any fast sweeping motion, one application across a typical Intel- or AMD-CPU should take at least 3 seconds - The slower you move, the better.

Should I put the syringe back into the original packaging after application?
Thermal Grizzly packaging is coated from the inside to prevent any kind of UV damage or other environmental influences on the product. For maximum shelf life please put the product back into the bag and make sure to close it with the original cap.

How do I keep the thermal pads from drying out?
The thermal pads are also shipped in a special zipper storage bag to keep them from drying out or staining their surroundings. This bag is of course resealable to ensure reusability even after long storage times.

How do I use the applicator included with the thermal grease?
The applicator allows for well-aimed, controlled and even application of thermal grease. After screwing it onto a syringe, it allows for easy application of the thermal grease.

How long can Thermal Grizzly thermal paste be used after opening?
At correct storage conditions our thermal paste can usually be used for at least 3 years after opening, usually even longer.

What if I lose the applicator?
All Thermal Grizzly thermal grease shippings above 1.5ml include a second applicator as a spare part.

I’m missing the applicator/spatula to apply my thermal paste. What can I do?
Even though we recommend to spread the thermal paste evenly across the whole surface you can alternatively also draw a thin X across your chip. The mounting pressure will spread the thermal paste between the two surfaces. However, make sure not to use too much paste.

For how many applications will 1.5ml/3ml thermal grease last?

Assuming a CPU with a surface area of 27x27mm, a 3ml filling will amount to approximately 20 applications. Correspondingly, a 1.5ml filling will amount to approximately 10 applications. A drop with a diameter of 3mm should suffice to fully cover the aforementioned surface area. These indications are merely meant for orientation and are also dependent on the individual skill of the user.

What to do if Kryonaut thermal grease is difficult to apply?
The viscosity of Kryonaut thermal paste is temperature dependent. If viscosity is poor, it is advisable to provide the sealed, water-tight syringe for 3 minutes in a cup of hot water (only for Kryonaut in 1.5ml and 3ml packs). After several minutes, the syringe can be taken out of the water and the thermal grease can be easily applied.

Is Thermal Grizzly thermal paste electrically conductive?
"Conventional" Thermal Grizzly thermal paste, such as Aeronaut, Hydronaut, Kryonaut and Kryonaut Extreme is not electrically conductive. Only Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut (liquid metal) is electrically conductive.

What do you consider a conventional thermal paste?
Thermal Grizzly classifies "traditional" thermal paste as a product that consists of a matrix material such as silicone oil in combination with nano particles for heat transfer. The nano particles are not electrically conductive and are usually provided from oxides such as aluminium-oxide.

What is so special about the thermal pads?
Our thermal pads are super soft, extremely flexible and especially recommended for components where the application of thermal grease would be difficult, for example memory chips.

Why does Thermal Grizzly indicate the amount in millilitres instead of grams?
We indicate the amount mostly in millilitres because usage is dependent on volume, not on weight.

Why is thermal conductivity no longer listed on the packaging of my Thermal Grizzly product specs?
The thermal conductivity is often determined by theoretical calculations and several variables like mounting pressure, application temperature, surface quality, all of which can change the result in practical applications.

Since Q4/2020 all our cooling products no longer list thermal conductivity values, instead we rely on test results by independent media and testers. These reviews provide a more realistic assessment of our high end products under comparable circumstances.

Does Thermal Grizzly support overclocking teams from HW Bot or others?

Thermal Grizzly is more than willing to support overclocking teams - just fill out the form on our website with your request. We will contact you shortly.

What is this "Do not use with Aluminum" warning paper about?
This warning is for conductonaut only. If you find this warning accidently within a kryonaut, hydronaut or aeronaut packing unit,  please ignore that warning!. This was a packing error which has happend within the past. We already fixed that issue. We apologise for any inconvenience. 


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