The lapping tool for Intel's 13th/14th Gen processors allows the heat spreader to be safely lapped. The CPU is simply mounted on the lapping tool using the enclosed screws. The tolerances of the lapping tool allow the heat spreader to be ground down by 0.2 millimetres. The 13th Gen Lapping Tool is compatible with Intel 12th Generation Core CPUs. Sandpaper in grit sizes 400, 1200 and 2,500 is included.

  • Simplifies CPU sanding
  • For Intel Core 13th/14th Gen (Compatible with 12th Gen)
  • CNC-milled acrylic glass
  • Complete set with sandpaper
  • Single use recommended

On the lapping tool, there are ridges on the acrylic glass around the CPU. These ridges are 0.2 millimetres high. When the ridges are completely removed, stop sanding. Processors of the 12th and 13th generation are compatible with both the 12th, 13th and 14th Gen Contact Frame as long as they are not ground down more than 0.2 millimetres.

Before Lapping Intel 13th CPU
Before lapping
After Lapping Intel13th CPU
After lapping

It should be noted that grinding the CPU will void the warranty. For the largest possible contact area between the IHS and the base plate of the CPU cooler, the latter should also be ground. The lapping tool for Intel's 13th Gen CPUs comes with a total of three sheets of sandpaper. The enclosed sandpaper has grits of 400, 1200 and 2,500 (one sheet each). The lapping tool for Intel's 13th Gen CPUs is intended for single use, but can also be used several times. When using multiple times, be especially careful not to sand too much material off the IHS.

Technical specifications

  • Length: 65 mm
  • Width: 58 mm
  • Height: 9 mm
  • Material: acrylic glass
  • Colour: transparent

Scope of delivery

  • 1x lapping tool
  • 4x screw
  • 4x PU washer
  • 1x hexagon socket spanner 2,5mm
  • 1x 400 grit sandpaper
  • 1x Sandpaper 1.200 grit
  • 1x Sandpaper 2.500 grit


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