The practical AM5 Adapter & Offset Mounting Kit for AMD‘s socket AM5 motherboards includes cooler brackets for offset mounting of the CPU as well as adapter screws from UNC 6-32 to M3 and M4 threads

The adapter screws can be used to mount CPU coolers that require an M3 or M4 thread instead of the UNC 6-32 thread of the mounting screws of the cooler bracket, as is the case with various AIOs or water coolers.

With the offset brackets, compatible CPU coolers can optionally be mounted offset on the processor to optimise cooling performance. Since the introduction of the chiplet design in Ryzen CPUs, the hottest point of the heat spreader is no longer in the middle, but has been offset slightly downwards and, depending on the CPU, towards the edge.

AM5 Adapter & Offset Mounting Kit: adapter screws and offset mounting of the CPU cooler With the help of the offset mounts, the CPU cooler can be mounted closer to the hotspot of the processor, allowing heat to be dissipated from the CPU chiplets more quickly and efficiently.

The offset mounts have UNC 6-32 threads and can be used with the adapter screws on M3/M4 threads. The AM5 Adapter & Offset Mounting Kit also increases CPU cooler mounting compatibility when using the Thermal Grizzly Ryzen 7000 Direct Die Frame. Due to the change in mounting height with Direct Die cooling, the cooler must be mounted lower, which is made possible by the M3 and M4 adapter screws.

  • For AM5 motherboards
  • Offset mounting of the CPU cooler
  • Increased compatibility with CPU coolers
  • Easy mounting

Note on compatibility with AM5 mainboards
The AM5 Adapter & Offset Mounting Kit is in principle compatible with mainboards for the AMD AM5 socket. Another criterion for the compatibility of the AM5 Adapter & Offset Mounting Kit with a mainboard is sufficient space next to the screws of the AMD cooler mounting. More precisely, there must not be any components near the lower cooler mounting (facing the PCIe slots).

Between the screws of the cooler mounting and high components, such as pin-heads or capacitors, there must be at least 6 mm of free space under the screws. After mounting, if in doubt, ensure that the offset brackets or the adapter screws mounted in them do not come into contact with electronic components.


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