The graphene thermal pads of the Thermal Grizzly KryoSheet series can be used as an excellent alternative for thermal compounds from the higher performance segment. Similar to Carbonaut pads, they have a conformable surface with very high thermal conductivity. Compared to Carbonaut pads, KryoSheet as a high-end product offers significantly higher thermal conductivity.

This increased thermal conductivity is not only due to the choice of material, but also to the innovative manufacturing process. KryoSheet does not contain any liquid components and is therefore not subject to normal ageing as is the case with traditional thermal paste. Drying out is not possible.

  • Outstanding thermal conductivity
  • Easy to use
  • Consistently high performance
  • Extreme durability
  • ttention: Electrically conductive! Follow instructions!

The KryoSheet graphene pads have a molecular structure stacked in the Z-direction. This optimised structure enables outstanding and constant thermal conductivity. This is due to a specially developed manufacturing process in which the hexagonal crystal structure of the graphite is broken up along the basal plane in order to exploit the anisotropy of the graphite's thermal conductivity. However, as a side effect of this complex manufacturing process, the electrical conductivity is also increased and the stability of the KryoSheet pads is affected, so that the pads should only be used according to instructions!

Field of Application Rating
Thermal Conductivity *****
Sub-Zero Overclocking *****
Overclocking *****
Water Cooling *****
Air Cooling *****
Silicone Sensitive Applications *


KryoSheet is available pre-assembled in various CPU/GPU standard sizes, e.g.:

24 x 12 mm Intel Mobile CPUs
25 x 25 mm Nvidia RTX 2080, RTX 3060 GPUs
29 x 25 mm
33 x 33 mm AMD Sockel AM5 CPUs
38 x 38 mm AMD Sockel AM3(+), AM4, Intel Sockel 1700, 2066, 2011 CPUs
50 x 50 mm Intel Sockel 3647, 4677 CPUs, Custom-Cut

Technical Dat

  • Thickness 0,2mm
  • Temperature -250 °C / +150 °C


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